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Online Jewelry Seller with Hrant Keoshgerian as the jewelry designer is a big time rip-off. They sell their jewelry at prices more than world renowned jewelry designers. And the quality is terrible; my jewelry has already lost various stones with the chain links breaking apart and also tarnishing terribly.

The other day, a friend went to his shop pretending to buy diamonds. Hrant was trying to persuade him to buy diamonds for $500 although they were not even worth $25 since they were very small and had a very bad clarity. He charges unusually high prices; the same and similar jewelry pieces that he sells are being sold by other shops at much lower prices.

I have even heard that the images from his custom designs are stolen from previous partners. His jewelry is made of silver at greater prices than the current gold rates.

I have several bad experiences with him and I suggest everyone else stays away from buying jewelry from Hrant Keoshgerian.

The location and shop info is as follows:

Salmiye - Salem Al-Mubarak St.

IBIS Hotel - Omniya Center, next to Sultan Center, KUWAIT

Mezzanine Floor-Shop No.27

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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Syria, Virginia, United States #727065

Mashallah, Hrant the Syrian Armenian is NASSAB !!! LOOOOL

ya maskeen ya hasson, da7ak 3leik sa7bak w sara2lak floosak :P

elnalak balalak hal mashroo3 w ennu hal Armani shaklo 7arami masada2et... eh doo2 ba2a w eb2a salemli 3ala marto :D

Kuwait, Al Asimah Governorate, Kuwait #726220

Hooray!!! we won the war against these thieves "Hrant Keoshgerian" and his wife "Talar", the shop in Kuwait has been closed and they are out of the country....

No more business in Kuwait thieves :D


Oh My God, this guy he did it again, Hrant Keoshgerian !! when are you going to act like a decent man and stop stealing your own friends. you lost your family trust, and now you have lost the trust of everyone who knew you in Kuwait. What in heaven are you thinking of!!

Do you think that Jesus Crest will ever forgive you for doing that ? do you think that you and your wife will ever be safe from Jesus Crest punishment!! have you both gone out of your minds?? are you now becoming a gangsters "Hrant & Talar"

Money is not everything, losing family and friends for money will make both of you lose the true meaning of LIFE.

Kuwait, Al Kuwayt, Kuwait #719377

I agree that Hrant has cheated his lebanese friend and partner in Kuwait, he used his friendship and the trust and took at least 5000 Kuwaiti Dinars from him.

The guy is so depressed and still in a shock that this fucken Armenian was just another ***.

to Yousef Kuwait, Al Asimah Governorate, Kuwait #719381

Yousef !!! Hassan will not be happy at all to know that you are spreading the story here.

Hrant did what he did and we will handle him by court when he comes back if he dares to face Hassan again.

Kuwait, Al Asimah Governorate, Kuwait #687738

Hrant Keoshgerian has lied to me, he convinced me that this company is making good money and he is looking for a partner to rent a new shop and get more items to grow the selling. He borrowed USD 20,000.00 from me and he disappeared.

I cannot believe that he acted as a close friend and he ran away to his home country Armenia. he closed his mobile numbers , facebook accounts and every way possible to reach him, this dog is a big liar and a big thief.


I heard that he cheated his friends and took some big amounts of money and he ran out of Kuwait . His partner put a case against him in Kuwait Courts and waiting till he comes back to country yo put him in custody.


*** ***


So much *** here :sigh


You all are sick!Instead of accusing whom may have published this you ought to read the FAQ to file a rebuttal.

Send a notarized claim that this is false and should be removed.

Though it does tell who is sincere and to whom.

God and only God knows the truth of ones feelings and doings.God knows all ...

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